PhD Get Started

Tirsdag 17. oktober 2023 kl. 09:00-14:30,
Arne Rettedalshus,

An introductory seminar for PhD-candidates at the university.

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The aim of this introductory seminar is to provide general information on PhD training at UiS and make the PhD candidate familiar with the different parts, key milestones and main challenges of his or her doctoral training. The seminar will have presentations on the various departments and staff of support, such as the Library and the ombudsperson. There will also be a workshop on the candidate-supervisor role.
The seminar takes place in Arne Rettedalshus room V-208.

The seminar is organised on an institutional level and is to be seen as complementary to possible introductory courses on faculty level.

The seminar will be in English. If you are a new PhD candidate you should have recived an mail invitation.

For more information on the course contact Birgitte Dambo.